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Autorska Pracownia Architektury APAR
Pracownia AZO
Balmoral Properties
Biuro Projektów Lewicki-Łatak
arch. arch. Marek Budzyński i Andrzej Kiciński
Centrum Górskie ”Korona Ziemi”
DDJM Biuro Architektoniczne
East-West Development Office
Echo Investment
arch. Stanisław Fiszer
Ingarden & Evy Architekci
Kancelaria Prezydenta Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej
arch. Maciej Krasiński
dr arch. Romuald Loegler
Biuro Projektów Lotnictwa Cywilnego w Warszawie
Menolly Poland
OP Architekten
arch. Krzysztof Ozimek
Park Miniatur ”Złota Góra”
Peretti + Peretti
PPiP Architekci, Janusz Pachowski
Pracownia Projektowa Tadeusza Spychały
Biuro Projektów ”Warcent”
Biuro Architektoniczne Wizja
arch. Wojciech Zabłocki

Biuro Projektów Lewicki Łatak:

?Jan Bruliński’s beautiful models, usually made from wood, allow us to believe that beauty and goodness can go hand in hand.?

Kazimierz Łatak (architect)


?BRULO Makiety provided two physical models in different scales for the Project Karlavagnsplatsen, consisting of approx 200 000 sqm residential and commercial facilities. The crown of the project is the 266m high rise tower, which is a real challenge to make as a physical model in 1:150. The smaller copy is in 1:400. The 1:150 model was created for MIPIM 2015, successfully delivered and very appreciated. BRULO Makiety have in our cooperation been professional, cost efficient and always delivered on time under high pressure. We can recommend BRULO Makiety to whom it may concern for future cooperation.?

Mr Patrik Lindstroem, Head of Project Development, Serneke Group AB, Sweden


Biuro Architektoniczne Wizja:
?All works performed by BRULO demonstrate a very high level of of execution and knowledge of the subject matter, which is it is supposed to reflect the idea of the project authors. It is a very professional workshop which I can highly recommend.?

arch. Stanisław Deńko


prof. dr hab. inż.arch. Jeremi T. Królikowski:
?Models made by BRULO not only reflect the shape of the design in an accurate and precise way but also reveal and preserve its spirit. I worked with BRULO on the occasion of competitions for monuments and observed their work carried out for other artists. I can say with full confidence that BRULO creates objects that both perfectly express the designers’ ideas and at the same time become works of modelling art in their own right.?


prof. Marek Budzynski:
?Mr Bruliński and Mr Miruć created the model of Polish Army Museum in Warsaw Citadel , which constituted then a great challenge. They were incredibly open for unusual solutions, preserved supreme quality and met designers? expectations completely.?


Alpha Krakow Development:
?Alpha Development Sp. z o.o. S.K.A. from Cracow cooperates with BRULO company in creation of Cracow?s Garden Residence housing estate model. Cooperation with BRULO proceeds appropriately, the services are being provided in proper manner and according to contractual terms. Considering our previous cooperation, we can fully recommend BRULO Models as a reliable and solid partner.?

Agnieszka Gruca


K3 Architekci:
?Mr Marian Bruliński and BRULO Models company is an accurate and competent partner, with comprehensive and universal approach to model making services. The cooperation is completely professional and friendly, with preservation of supreme quality of services, promptness and due diligence in model preparation.?

arch. Piotr Chuchacz


?When working with the modelling company BRULO we could always count on timely completion of tasks, understanding of our message and precise execution.?

arch. Piotr Ucherek, arch. Piotr Czerwiński, arch. Marek Szpinda


SSC Architekci:
?Considering our cooperation with BRULO Urban and Buildings Models (…) I can confirm, that the company is a fully qualified, reliable partner, with professional and comprehensive approach to models creation. It is an open minded and flexible partner, which makes possible to meet all orders criteria.?

arch. Wojciech Ciechan


PPiP Architekci:
?I consider the quality of services provided as very high and recommendable. Each model was precise and compliant with the order placed. The professionalism is confirmed both, by the quality of performed work, and its promptness.?

dr inż. arch. Janusz Pachowski


MOFO Archirtekci:
?BRULO Urban and Buildigns Models (?) cooperated with our office during the preparation of investment project model named.: ? Browar Lubicz? Facilities in Cracow?. During those works, we have many times expressed our appreciation to reliability and professionalism of the company, as well as to its flexibility and quality of the services. We estimate competences, commitment and benevolence of BRULO Models team very high.?

arch. Krzysztof Wużyk


Victoria Dom S.A:
We are pleased to say that our co-operation with Brulo was exceptionally smooth and conducted in a timely manner. We especially appreciate the individual approach, the involvement of the designers, and the quality. The mock-up fully met our expectations. It is an important element in our office space and in our daily work, necessary when talking to our customers. We will not hesitate to entrust new projects to Brulo.”

Katarzyna Pietrzak, Sales and Marketing Manager